Travel Tips | Dolphin Island Fiji

What to bring

With exclusive-use of your own private island you decide your own dress code and please yourselves. You will need swimwear and beachwear clothing and we do recommend lightweight pure cotton garments to keep you cool. If you are visiting a local village modest clothing is required.

Waterproof beach shoes can be handy when circumnavigating the island and a sunhat and sunscreen are absolutely essential. You will find robes and sarongs in your guest bures.

Time difference

Fiji is 12 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).


Fiji has an average temperature of 26˚C however during the summer months (December and January) it can increase to 31˚C. During the winter months (July and August) the temperature can drop to 18˚C. 


Dolphin Island generates its own electricity supply. Fiji operates on 240 volts/50 hertz cycle AC power. Most electrical outlets accept plugs with three flat prongs.


Tipping is not standard practice in Fiji.