Honeymoons - Baby-moons

Free massages

Dolphin Island provides the most extraordinary romantic place to honeymoon or baby-moon. The level of privacy offered is unrivalled and everything is designed to meet your needs and your daily schedule. Meals will be prepared and served when and where you want them and each day is utterly your own.

What a wonderful place to start either your married life or for a baby-moon to spend some time together before your most wonderful adventure ever - becoming a parent.

Dolphin is like a precious jewel, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, Dolphin Island provides one of the most romantic escapes imaginable. Designed for absolute privacy, total freedom and every opportunity to be with each other, in one of the world’s most idyllic places. 

A minimum three-night stay in your Guest Bure as the only guests on your own private island, with use of all the island’s amenities.
Land transfers to and from Dolphin Island are all included - helicopters transfers also available*
All meals, with menus created to suit your needs, are included, along with a standard bar. 

Terms and Conditions

* 2 complimentary massages in total per stay